About Us

CareDatix™ is a provider of web-based telehealth services and home healthcare equipment dedicated to the advancement of in-home patient health care and improved chronic condition outcomes. The organization believes that with the right people, processes and technology, patients can receive excellent care in the home and in other ancillary care settings. The company‚Äôs products and services serve patients of all backgrounds and are used by many sectors of the healthcare industry including home healthcare, health insurers, health systems and physicians.

Together, the CareDatix web application, Electronic House Call™ monitoring device, and the mobile IVR application form a secure, cloud-based telehealth service enabling unassisted, in-home vital signs monitoring and remote patient management by practitioners. This unique system enables the delivery of quality healthcare to elderly, special needs, pediatric and other patients with chronic illnesses. Case studies have indicated significant increases in therapy compliance patient satisfaction as well as dramatic decreases in hospital readmissions and emergency room visits. It provides an enhanced quality of life for those patients with chronic illnesses and improvements in the ability of practitioners to manage their caseloads remotely.

HealthDatix, LLC