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Telehealth systems such as those offered by CareDatix benefit the entire healthcare system by reducing costs, and improving patient care and outcomes.

Our telehealth solutions help patients to improve their care outcomes by proactively managing their chronic illness. We offer disease management education, medication and session reminders, vital signs monitoring and much more.

Health Insurers
Learn how enhancing your disease management program with an in-home telehealth system like CareDatix helps improve patient outcomes, and therefore overall claims costs.

The CareDatix Solution allows you to easily monitor the vital signs and well being of more patients in less time while improving patient outcomes. Secure web access and vital sign alerts are just some of the features that make using our telehealth solution effortless.

Home Health Care
CareDatix can help you manage more patients in less time by giving you the ability to easily identify the neediest patients so you can respond to them quickly, reducing the frequency and severity of relapses.

Reduce costs by increasing care plan compliance and reducing hospital readmissions with the CareDatix's remote patient monitoring solution.