Products & Services

CareDatix Solutions is a provider of web-based services and remote monitoring devices dedicated to the advancement of in-home patient health care and improved chronic conditions outcomes.

Electronic House Call
CareDatix™ Electronic House Call™ is a FDA 510(k) cleared remote patient vital signs monitoring device that works in combination with the CyberCare web application to help physicians monitor patients with chronic illnesses.

CareDatix IVR
CareDatix IVR is a remote patient monitoring service that works in combination with the CyberCare web application to send patient vital statistics to a clinician using any touch tone phone. Patients are able to be monitored with a mobile or land-line telephone.

CareDatix Web Application
The CareDatix web application is a secure web application that allows clinicians to view patient vital statistics and manage their care plans in real-time. Patient vital signs and other care information is gathered using the Electronic House Call and the CareDatix IVR.

Clinical Service
The CareDatix Reporting & Symptom Management Program can help you create and manage a telehealth program suitable for you and your patients. We offer a fully outsourced program that includes set up, triage, patient coaching and education.