Web Application

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The CareDatix™ Solutions secure online web application allows clinicians to manage their patients care plans in real time. This easy to use application is an integral part of our telehealth offerings and is the connection between the clinician and the Electronic House Call™ or the Interactive Voice Response system.

Clinicians use the CareDatix web application to:
  • Remotely monitor patients between scheduled visits
  • Increase patients’ care plan compliance
  • Detect and intervene early to minimize disease exacerbation
  • Improve outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses
The CareDatix web application incorporates a long list of features designed to help clinicians manage more patients with less effort while providing the personalized care needed to improve patient outcomes.

Clinicians use the CareDatix services web application to schedule patient monitoring sessions, review patient’s vital signs, and set alerts that notify them when a patient’s vital signs are outside of preset ranges.

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Additional features include:
  • Extensive library of customizable disease management protocols
  • Patient vital statistics and compliance reports
  • Risk stratification monitoring and reports
  • Educational content programming
The web application was created using the latest in secure encryption technology which keeps patient information secure while allowing clinicians to access their patients’ information from anywhere they have internet access.