The Electronic House Call™ vital signs monitoring device is very flexible in that it can connect to a variety of wired and wireless peripherals. Customize your patient’s care plan by adding a pulse oximeter, weight scale, glucose meter, or CPAP machine.

We work closely with medical device manufacturers to ensure that their products work seamlessly with the Electronic House Call™ to provide accurate readings that caregivers and patients can rely on.

Supported Peripherals:
  • Nonin® 3211 iPod Pulse Oximeter
  • Nonin 3212 iPod Pulse Oximeter
  • Nonin Onyx II 9560 Pulse Oximeter
  • Nonin Wrist Ox2™ Model 3150 Pulse Oximeter
  • Telehealth SC-2/BT Wireless Scale
  • Telehealth SC-2/BT Wired Scale
  • A&D UC321PL-K Wired Scale
  • A&D UC321BT Wireless Blue Tooth Scale
  • Roche AccuChek Advantage Glucose Meter
The Electronic House Call™ also supports manual entry of vital sign readings for devices that are not connected. Contact us today to speak with our clinical implementation specialist who can help you put together the right combination of peripherals to suit your patient needs.